Kwality Walls Ice Cream,  Creme Caramel, 700 ml Cup

Kwality Walls Ice Cream, Creme Caramel, 700 ml Cup


Kwality Walls Ice Cream, Buy Creme Caramel, 700 ml Cup Online at Best Price DoorMilk. Enjoy the goodness of real fruit in a delicious Creme Caramel dessert. With creamy delights, every scoop is a celebration. Kwality Walls Ice Cream, All Frozen desserts are available with the best quality and good ingredients.  it is a perfect treat for you in the scorching summer heat. One of the top Ice Cream suppliers in Delhi NCR

  • It is a little naughty in all of us! Luxurious creme caramel and beautiful golden syrup will smoother you in sweet french kisses… ohlala!The magic you taste in every scoop of Kwality Walls comes from many years of experience in the fine art of frozen desserts. Kwality Walls' passion for premium desserts combined with the finest ingredients brings you the richest and most exotic flavours from across the world. All so that you can indulge in a gratifying dessert experience, every time.Frozen desserts are healthier than ice cream in terms of fat content since frozen desserts contain vegetable fat, which is naturally cholesterol free, has less saturated fat content when compared with dairy fat. Kwality Wall’s frozen desserts contain fewer calories than most traditional desserts and make for a healthier option.
    Ingredient Description
    700 ML of Kwality Walls Creme Caramel Icecream

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