• CowMilk ® contains-4.7% of lactose and provides up to 30% of the energy needed. Milk is an odd fashion, not every population is habitual of it. When the evolution kicked in some people discovered Lactase persistence trait which helps to break the lactose into Glucose & Galactose, this is extremely common.
    As CowMilk contains less lactose it is completely fine to consume a small amount of it if milk is the thing that satisfies your taste buds.

    Fresh Cow Milk

    ₹55.00 Regular Price
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    • Basic Quality Milk:- 
      Medium texture with less percentage of lactose is good for lactase-persistence people.
      It can be consumed by kids, adults and old people as it is. It contains a moderate amount of vitamin D and other minerals.
      Basic Quality Made for Everyone. Low Price, Good Quality, and more.

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