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Mostly Asked

Can I trust on DoorMilk?

Yes, you can trust on DoorMilk with it's Fresh & Pure Milk directly from farm at your doorstep also we are dealing with your fevorite popular milk brand in india.

Which are the products that DoorMilk offers?

DoorMilk offers-

  • DoorMilk Assured Buffalo Milk
  • DoorMilk Assured Cow Milk
  • DoorMilk Assured Pure Desi Ghee (Cow+Buffalo)
  • DoorMilk Assured Fresh Paneer
  • DoorMilk Assured Yogurt
Other Brands-
  • Amul
  • Mother Dairy
  • Namste India
  • Madhusudan
  • Patanjalli
  • Butter Milk
  • Cakes & Pastries & more

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Which Milk brands do you deliver?

Currently, we are offering Doormilk Assured Milk Products, which means that we ensure that these are pure and hygenic without any kind of adulteration.
We are working with

  • DoorMilk Assured
  • Amul
  • Namaste India
  • Mother Dairy
  • Paras many more are coming soon.

What are the delivery timings?

Milk is delivered from Morning 5 AM to 11 PM.(Mon to Sat) at Sunday the timing will be 5AM to 10 PM. Service is provided 7*365 days.

How can I change the quantity of milk for next day? What if I am going on vacation?

Yes, you can pause or resume your delivery at any time as per your requirement but currently we are accepting Pause or Continue request by Email/What'sApp or Phone call.Please find the below details for further contact. please call us on +91-8586956061 or write email to mentioning your order details with your register mobile number.

Do you deliver other Dairy products?

Yes, because we always care about the needs of our customers. We are serving-

  • DoorMilk Assured Yogurt
  • DoorMilk Assured Paneer
  • DoorMilk Assured Cow Ghee
  • DoorMilk Assured Buffalo Ghee
And other brands-
  • Butter Milk
  • Curd
  • Cheese
  • Flavored Milk
  • Paneer
  • Cakes & Pastries
  • Dessert and many more you can visitour shop page.
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What should I do if my product is damaged or a broken seal?

We are advising you to please do not accept any product if the seal is broken, and request for replacement or instant refund. we will fix it on our first prirorty first priority.
If products is damaged or with an expiry date so we will replace it as soon as possible.
Sorry for inconvenience, we are always here to help you. We will be happy to replace/refund as appropriate. Please connect with us by email or call.

What if my area is not listed in the delivery location?

Don’t worry. We are slowly building our delivery network all over India. In case you see a nearby region listed, please drop a message on Facebook. We’ll quickly check with our hub contact manager and see if any exception can be made for you. Otherwise, we’ll drop you a message as soon as we begin in your area :)
Thank you.

When will I receive my milk, if I start the Trial Pack?

As you know we are giving 3 days free trial without any subscription plan without delivery charge (you only have to pay the product cost). If you like our product, you can continue with our subscription plans for daily delivery according to our delivery plans.your first three days bottle of milk can be delivered on the very next morning. You may receive a call from our delivery team to confirm the details of your address.

I'm a housewife and I have a young kid. Should I try DoorMilk?

Sure, that’s the whole purpose of DoorMilk to help parents find the Pure and adulteration free milk possible. 9 out of 10 kids immediately like the natural taste of our milk. If you’re weaning your kid, you may want to dilute the milk with an equal volume of water for the first couple of days. DoorMilk is thick, and that'll help your child get accustomed to milk.Also you can try our other brands products like butter Milk, Cow Fresh Desi Ghee, Fresh Panner and Pure Milk Made Curd.

No Pesticides, No Growth Enhancers. No Chemicals. No Adulteration of any kind milk powder. Right?

Of course. We closely monitor and test every partner farm continuously. You can be assured that DoorMilk is free of any chemicals, pesticides, growth enhancers, preservatives, antibiotics or anything unwanted. For the past 2 years, we are deeply working on it. it’s Very simple. It’s just Pure Farm Milk. Nothing more. Nothing less. We regularly check quality and taste before filling in bottles. Rest you will come to know about it very soon.

Where is Doormilk Assured milk coming from?

Your milk comes from local, mid-sized cattle farms nearby Delhi NCR. These are typically cattle owners with 30-40 cows and buffalos in our famr house. We have partnered with such farms and closely monitor their setup. Once the buffalos are milked, delivered to your home within a few hours..

Do I have to get up for the milk?

Initially for the first 2 & 3 days you might have a little inconvenience. The Delivery Executive might call you in order to locate your household. But later on based on your instruction, the delivery executive can silently deliver the milk without disturbing you. Sorry for inconvenience.

Can we visit to the farm?

Not now, as it is a completely online process.


How Can I pay to DoorMilk?

We have a Prepaid plans or Post-Paid model(10 days credit limit). In Post Paid, you will be raised a bill at the end of the 10 days & Prepaid you can pay on delivery.
We accept-

  • Cash
  • Online
  • Paytm
  • Phonepe
  • BHIM
  • UPI
  • Debit Card
  • Credit Card
  • Internet Banking
  • Amazon Pay.
You can pay by any method of payment.

Are there any charges for registration?

No. Registration on DoorMilk is absolutely free.

Will I get an Invoice?

Yes. You will get your invoice from our supplier at the time of delivery and by email too.

Is there a cancellation fee if I cancel my order?

No, there is no cancellation fee and you will not be able to cancel an order after the cut-off time for all orders. You need to cancel or change your order before 15 minutes for all milk & dairy poducts orders on a particular day to capture the changes. For more information check out our Refund & Cancellation Policy.

Subscription Monthly Plans

How does the home delivery of milk subscription work?

We offer both of Pre-paid & Post-Paid milk subscription. The subscription can be made from the website or All you need to do is to register yourself and make your subscription as per your preference and requirement. You can follow these simple steps to make you subscription.
Login to your account via website Register yourself and fill in the details.
Once you have logged in click on Subscription plan(Footer).
Choose your subscription from the various modes available like Standard,Gold & Premium membership respectively. You can tell us the quantity as per your requirement.
If your requirement is not catered by the above mentioned options, then we also offer a customized solution wherein you can choose the day and the quantity required by you on those particular days.
All this can be managed by just the click of the button. For more information please visit our contact us section. Contact us

Can I Pause or Resume temporarily opt out of the milk delivery?

Yes, the milk delivery can be stopped and resumed at any time before 11.00 pm a day prior from our website. You can also call our customer support a day in advance between 8AM - 10PM.We provide you the facility to manage your orders whenever you need to modify them. You can schedule or re-schedule your daily orders accordingly.

Can I add/change my milk requirement if I'm travelling or have guests over?

Yes, its possible to make changes a day prior by 11:30 pm through our website or contact to us directly by call or What'sApp.If you wish to take an extra quantity for one day or continous 3 days, 7 days & more then you must notify 12 hours in advance so that we can manage it with care and if you wish to stop, you must notify us by call or WhatsApp.

What is the delivery schedule on holidays?

Your milk is delivered 7 days a week, 365 days a year, unless there is an exceptional emergency situation because we care of you.

Are there any additional charges beyond the subscription rate?

There is no additional charge beyond the subscription amount.
(If you are a member of Standard or Gold membership and wish to order late night order for milk after 10:30 PM then you have to pay flat ₹100 as night & surge fee. This is not applicable on Premium membership. Premium members can place order 24x7 without any night & surge chrage).

What should be the minimum order for subscription?

Yes, We value for every need. There is no restrictions for minimum order limit & also If you're looking for bulk order then you can easily trust on DoorMilk Assured. who will fullfil all your can subscribe with minimum 500ml.
"A Quality product for you & your loving family"

Delivery & Other

How to order a single product only for one day or as a Trial?

You can select by Shop section & add product(s), select quantity. Once done, you will get a confirmation message & call on your order update (First time for order confirmation & verification purpose). If you're new member then you can get free delivery with your first three days order then for next days you have to subscribe our delivery subscription plan.

What are the benefits for the regular customers?

We have exciting offers and discounts on our products for our regular customers. Thanksgiving surprise gift and voucher.

Can I place my order for the evening?

Yes, You can place order as per your subscription plan timing limit.

What happens if my address changes or if I shift to another location?

Go to settings and update the new address and you can continue to shop with us if your new address is listed with us and for now you need to update information by call or What'sApp too.

Will you do same-day delivery and what are the delivery timings?

Yes, we follow the 45 minutes challenge. We will place your order for the next 45 minutes.If your order will be successfully place.

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