About us

About us

"A Quality Product for you & your loving family"

DoorMilk brings the awesomeness of pure Dairy products and also serves famous Indian brands to fulfill your dairy requirements at your doorstep.We are dedicated to giving wellness to as many people as possible through edible food items. We strive to encourage healthy and more prosperous eating and drinking habits, in line with our mission, which represents a deep conviction that human well being and the planet health are interlinked. 

We deliberately emphasize on high-growth and hygiene categories and commit to running economically, sustainably, and responsibly. The daily test confirms our determination to include 100% pure dairy products. Our in-house methodologies allow us to forecast the market for pure dairy edible products.We guarantee the delivery of fresh and pure dairy products to all our customers.

Every day at DoorMilk, we aspire to provide you and your family with the healthiest, most tasty, freshest and purest dairy products produced in a cruelty-free and hygienic form. For every single product you consume, all over again, you fall in love with DoorMilk!

DoorMilk makes it convenient for all dairy goods to be delivered with assured reliable shipping within a given time. Both milk-based value-added items are properly packed while maintaining the sanitization intact. Our executives follow the relevant Covid protocols when shipping your goods.

Gift yourself and your family the goodness of pure dairy products while at the same time keeping you healthy at home. Orders made fast on your fingertips; email us at Doormilks@gmail.com to build a long-lasting friendship with DoorMilk.


At DoorMilk,Keeping the fit India mission in mind, DoorMilk comes up with the idea of supplying everyday needs to maximum homes. DoorMilk works closely to see more natural cow & buffalo milk by maximum areas. DoorMilk always aims of keeping India a healthy & fit nation.Natural means straight from the farm with no addition of milk powder or preservatives, no hormones or antibiotics.We are committed to supplying premium dairy products of the highest standard and supporting the agriculture sector, our local dairy farmers and employees to be the best they can be.



Our vision is that the Assured quality dairy products will reach to every door and to each and every person in India from lower class to the higher class families. DoorMilk will be the most important part of everyday routine and will ensure to provide the best and the fastest service in India. We will also empower and support to our dairy farmers and confectioners, who are still unknown about the magic of technology. DoorMilk will be known for its excellent quality and we will "Never Compromise With Quality". DoorMilk will take the country towards a fit and healthier future.


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Mon - Fri: 4am - 11pm

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​Sunday: 6am - 10pm


Sector-23,Sanjay Nagar,


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